My name's Mikki Madden, and I'm a mobile makeup artist from Shropshire. I first became interested in makeup during the COVID-19 lockdown and after experiencing the feeling and freedom it gave me I felt compelled to delve deeper.

I've studied hard and have completed numerous makeup courses, including a level 3 diploma in 'Beauty Therapy for Makeup Artists'. I enjoy working with individuals within the LGBTQIA+ community, assisting people with cosmetic ideas, colours and styles. Makeup can make you feel like a completely different person and I feel alive and free when I experiment personally. I have a fondness and deep love for Drag and have also started my own hormone journey [HRT] in early 2022.

For years, like many people, I had difficulty in finding the 'true me'. It caused much anxiety and inner turmoil. It took strength to find myself and makeup definitely helped me to get to a place where I feel truly content. These are a few of the reasons why I choose to help others, and I'm humbled that I get the chance to do just that.

Mikki x

Hello everyone.